Roll Solutions


Forged Steel Rolls

Manufactured in Europe by Sorbit Forged Rolls and Sheffield Forgemasters

  • Z-Mill*/ Z-Mill High**/ Cluster Mill ® (Registered Trademarks *Waterbury Farrel Corp & **T.Sendzimir Corp)
  • Narrow Strip Mill Work Rolls
  • Tandem Mill Work Rolls
  • Intermediate Rolls
  • Back-Up Rolls (Up to 170 Tons)


Vertical Spun Cast Rolls

Manufactured in Europe by Marichal Ketin Belgium (MKB)

  • Roughing Mill Rolls (HSS, Semi-HSS, High Cr-Steel)
  • Finishing Mill Work Rolls (HSS, High Cr-Iron, ICDP, Enhanced ICDP, GHSS)
  • Plate Mill Work Rolls
  • Steckel Mill Work Rolls